The Goliath

  • This XL design is available in three make-it-bigger dimensions to match your family's appetite for fun.
  • If room to play is your priority (but you don't want to sacrifice style), the Goliath is for you.
  • The only thing minimalist about this design is the style: clean, modern lines bring a classic aesthetic to your backyard.
  • This bold, functional design completes your summer-ready outdoor living area with a splash.
  • An exciting collection of features ensures the royal treatment for every serious swimmer.

The Goliath: The Super-Sized Option for Serious Summer Fun

Three XL Dimensions for When More Is Always Better

  • Smallest: Outside Dimensions (O.D.) 16′ x 33′ 6′ | Inside Dimensions (I.D.) 14’11” x 32″ 6′ | 15,300 gallons
  • O.D. 16′ x 37′ 6’4″ | I.D. 14’11” x 36′ 6’4″ | 17,500 gallons
  • Largest: O.D. 16′ x 41′ 6’8″ | I.D. 14’11” x 40′ 6’8″ | 19,700 gallons

The Family that Swim Laps Together, Stays Together

  • Attention health-conscious summer-lovers who want a pool designed for swimming laps: choose the Goliath.
  • Wide-open swimming space is not a bonus feature; it’s the main feature.
  • Other pool features are positioned to accommodate an uninterrupted swimming lane.
  • Whether you’re working on speed or endurance, or just trying to get in shape, this design has you covered.

Value-Added Features for Even More Play

  • There’s still space to relax and socialize in the shallow end with dual corner steps and benches.
  • The corners of the deep end is outfitted as well with swim-outs and benches for a well-earned breather.
  • Courtesy ledges along the deep end also allow for a swim-break whenever you need it.
  • The exclusive gel-coat finish protects your feet, suit, and purchase. It’s non-skid, non-abrasive, and impervious to algae.


More Convenient Features and Options

  • Auto-cover ready for added peace of mind and to lower maintenance costs.
  • Optional Geo-Anchoring Pool System affixes the pool to its foundation in the soil.
  • Optional Lucky 7 Skimmer especially designed for fiberglass pools looks and performs better than other skimming options.

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