The Monolith

  • This design is all about depth with one straightforward dimension you can dive right into.
  • No ifs, ands, or buts: this design is for divers--swan dive, jackhammer, cannon-balls, you name it!
  • A Type I diving pool, this is the only model with the appropriate depth for a head-first dive.
  • The sleek, rectangular design blends beautifully with bold, active landscaping styles.
  • An exciting collection of features ensures the royal treatment for every water athlete in the family.

The Monolith: Take a Leap Into the Deep

One Feature-Rich Dimension for Active Water Lovers

  • Outside Dimensions (O.D.) 16′ x 40′ 8’6″ | Inside Dimensions (I.D.) 14’10” x 39’5″ 8’6″ | 22,400 gallons
  • 15-inch warning slope before the deep end alerts swimmers to abrupt depth change.
  • It’s recommended to also designate depth transition with a safety rope, especially if installing a diving board.

What Is a Type I Diving Pool?

  • Type 0, I, II, III, IV, and V are distinctions for residential in-ground swimming pools.
  • Diving platforms are prohibited on Type 0 pools. Not so with Type I and up.
  • The maximum allowed height of a diving platform above the waterline on a Type I pool is 42 inches.

Value-Added Features for Even More Play

  • Large, flat-bottomed shallow end allows for water games outside of the diving area.
  • A courtesy ledge along the deep end lets you take swim-break whenever you need it.
  • Dual deep-end swim-outs and benches make it easy to exit from the back end of the pool or take a submerged time-out.
  • Exclusive gel-coat finish protects your feet, suit, and purchase. It’s non-skid, non-abrasive, and impervious to algae.

More Convenient Features and Options

  • Auto-cover ready for added peace of mind and to lower maintenance costs.
  • Optional Geo-Anchoring Pool System affixes the pool to its foundation in the soil.
  • Optional Lucky 7 Skimmer especially designed for fiberglass pools.
  • Optional wet deck, wading pool, and spa add-ons add a splash of luxury to your diving pool.

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