The Aspen

  • This best-selling design is available in five perfect-fit dimensions.
  • All dimensions include a roomy tanning ledge for sun-soakers who never want to leave the pool.
  • A luxurious option in every size, the Aspen turns your backyard into the summer escape you've been dreaming of.
  • The deceptively simple design blends beautifully with all landscaping styles.
  • An exciting collection of features ensures the royal treatment for every swimmer and sun-bather.

The Aspen: A Portal to Summertime Bliss in Your Own Backyard

Five Perfect-Fit Dimensions for Every Home

  • Smallest: Outside Dimensions (O.D.) 12′ x 25′ 5’1″ | Inside Dimensions (I.D.) 11′ x 24’6″ 5’1″ | 7,425 gallons
  • O.D. 14′ x 30′ 5’6″ | I.D. 13’11” x 29′ 5’6″ | 7,610 gallons
  • O.D. 14′ x 35′ 5’6″ | I.D. 13′ x 34′ 5’6″ | 8,423 gallons
  • O.D. 16′ x 35′ 5’6″ | I.D. 14’11” x 34′ 5’6″ | 10,140 gallons
  • Largest: O.D. 16′ x 40′ 5’10” | I.D. 14’11” x 39′ 5’10” | 13,090 gallons

The Aspen Tanning Ledge: Your Sun-Kissed Summer Starts Here

  • 6 to 12 inches deep for a shallow soak in both the sun and water.
  • Plenty of space for at least two partially submerged tanning chairs.
  • The absolute perfect feature for an in-pool lounge-fest with your favorite book, beverage, or bestie.

Value-Added Features for Even More Luxury

  • Walk-in steps gracefully curved like ocean waves allow for easy entry and exit and stretch the full width of the pool.
  • A wide open swimming area gives you plenty of space to swim laps before a well-deserved rest on the tanning ledge.
  • Courtesy ledges along the deep end allow for a swim-break whenever you need it.
  • Swim-outs and benches in the deep end let you exit from the back end of the pool or take a submerged time-out.

More Convenient Features and Options

  • The automatic pool cover prevents unwanted entry for safety and peace of mind and lowers maintenance costs.
  • Exclusive gel-coat finish: non-skid, non-abrasive, and impervious to algae.
  • Optional Geo-Anchoring Pool System affixes the pool to its foundation in the soil.
  • Optional Lucky 7 Skimmer especially designed for fiberglass pools looks and performs better than other skimming options.
  • Optional Backfill Eliminator solves the potential problem of backfill shifting and settling under the tanning ledge.

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