The Cathedral

  • This majestic design is one-size-fits-all because a classic is in a league of its own.
  • The Cathedral is timeless, reminiscent of Grecian columns. A bath for the gods.
  • This expansive design turns your backyard into a sacred escape, or a place to challenge yourself by swimming laps.
  • A regal addition to any backyard, the Cathedral blends beautifully with upscale, active landscaping styles.
  • An exciting collection of features ensures the royal treatment for every summer enthusiast.
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The Cathedral: A Refreshing Shout-Out to Classic Architecture

One-Size-Fits-All Dimension Values Simple Grecian Aesthetic Over Variety

  • Outside Dimensions (O.D.) 14′ x 33′ 5′ | Inside Dimensions (I.D.) 13′ x 32′ 5′ | 11,490 gallons
  • Two curves on either end add a Zeus-like flair to the long, straight sides.
  • The priority is room and plenty of it, perfect for active swimmers and water olympics–er–sports.

An Olympic Experience That Fits in Your Own Backyard

  • The depth and width suit and encourage an active summer lifestyle.
  • Wide steps and a bench provide a time-out or lounging spot in between laps or rounds of pool volleyball.
  • A deep-end bench gives you a place to soak and chat on the sidelines, or easily exit the pool.

Value-Added Features and Options

  • Exclusive gel-coat finish: non-skid, non-abrasive, and impervious to algae.
  • Optional Geo-Anchoring Pool System affixes the pool to its foundation in the soil.
  • Optional Lucky 7 Skimmer especially designed for fiberglass pools looks and performs better than other skimming options.


More Luxurious Options. Because Every Cathedral Needs An Altar.

  • A Wet Deck with a spillway into the pool gives you a place to soak your toes before taking the plunge.
  • Because the Cathedral isn’t the best option for tots, adding a Wading Pool brings summertime fun to the whole family.
  • The Spa add-on creates a portal to rejuvenation under a starry night sky, while the Grand Spa adds a stylistic flair.

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