The Sun Day

  • This popular design is available in three equally luxurious sizes.
  • Each size embraces an elegant, free-form style that fills your soul and makes every backyard sparkle.
  • With all the natural curves of a forest pond, the Sun Day creates a magical, enchanting atmosphere.
  • The playful design blends beautifully with lush, whimsical landscaping styles.
  • An exciting collection of features ensures a magical experience for every swimmer.

The Sun Day: A Magical Escape to Your Most Relaxing Fantasies

Three Roomy Sizes for Every Backyard

  • Smallest: Outside Dimensions (O.D.) 15′ x 30′ 5’3″ | Inside Dimensions (I.D.) 14’6″ x 29’6″ 5’3″ | 10,000 gallons
  • O.D. 14′ x 30′ 5’6″ | I.D. 13’11” x 29′ 5’6″ | 7,610 gallons
  • O.D. 16′ x 34.5′ 5’8″ | I.D. 15′ x 33’9″ 5’8″ | 12,000 gallons
  • Largest: O.D. 16′ x 39′ 6′ | I.D. 15′ x 38′ 6′ | 13,300 gallons

Enchanting Design: Keep An Eye Out for Wood Nymphs Looking for a Bath!

  • Curvy, side-entry stairs will make you feel like Aphrodite descending into a pool of clear water.
  • Toddlers and parents will love the large landing pad where the kids can play safely in full view.
  • For you night dippers, wrap-around benches give you a place to sit and stare up at a full moon wherever it is in the sky.

Value-Added Features for Even More Luxury

  • The courtesy ledge in the deep end lets little swimmers in training take a break
  • The deep end swim-out and sun shelf provide a convenient place to perch in the sun or exit the pool.
  • A wide open swimming area gives you plenty of space to swim laps or play water games with the family.
  • Exclusive gel-coat finish: non-skid, non-abrasive, and impervious to algae.

More Convenient Features and Options

  • An automatic pool cover lowers maintenance costs and prevents unwanted entry for safety and peace of mind.
  • Optional Geo-Anchoring Pool System affixes the pool to its foundation in the soil.
  • Optional Lucky 7 Skimmer especially designed for fiberglass pools looks and performs better than other options.

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